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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


"Being Seen and Being Heard."

The Following Excerpts Are Subject To Copyright.  2015.


"In reflecting on my own experience as well as hundreds of clients I have worked with during the last   three decades, it has become clear the key issue in our happiness is directly related to communication, and how we deal with relationships. In  essence, the need to make the shift from 'Representational Relationships' to relationships that are 'Consummated by Authenticity.'"


-"I think we are all aware the 'glue' of relationships is intimacy, but an intimacy defined as the revealing of who and what we really are - the sharing of what we really think and feel.  If we work on this premise, then emotional closeness can only be achieved when we have learned to deliver information in a way that makes it safe to be open and vulnerable, especially when dealing with issues that are emotionally charged. To this end, the following communications skills are presented along with examples of how to use them in positive or negative exchanges with others." 


-"The reward of being open enough to be seen and heard for all of who we are is the only way to actually receive the feeling of being loved;  remaining defended only guarantees emotional neglect, isolation, and loneliness; which in turn leads to unhappiness and mental or physical ill health."


-"Yes there are psychological and physical symptoms that are always a pressing issue, and of course they can be persistent and very painful, but I have found that the real journey is one of an almost

imperceptible nature; it's a journey that begins when we see the room we have locked ourselves into for whatever reason, and a journey that ends when the window in that room is wide open for the fresh air to gush in. When we can smell the fresh air, we instinctively know the way home, and all along the way there are little increments of healing that ruffle our feathers ready for that leap into being who we really are." 



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