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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy



G. Mooney, February 24, 2012

Writer, Gibsons BC Canada.


"Beyond degrees and dogma we are sometimes privileged to find an inspired psychotherapist who with infinite patience, compassion, understanding and integrity opens a way for a troubled person to accept their own flawed humanity, to recover some sense of self worth and to renew their will to face life once more in all of its complexities and difficulties. William is that psychotherapist and our lives have been blessed with his  gentle presence."


Dr. K. Alexander, October 20th 1990

Vancouver BC Canada.


"I am a family physician in general practice who has been referring clients to William Chamberlain for a number of years. During this time I have witnessed growing, self healing, and a beautiful awakening in my patients as they are working with him. I have referred patients with Panic Disorders, Endogenous Depression, Acute Anxiety States, and many who are just struggling with their journey through life. I have every confidence that those whom I refer to William will be in the presence of huge caring, vast learning and growth." 


Val Johnson MCEd - August 2011

Vancouver BC Canada.


"Several years ago I was suffering from a severe medical illness when I was strongly encouraged by my physician to go and see William. Being so sick I wanted to be healthy again, but I was very skeptical to see a therapist and ignored her recommendations for almost a year. Finally I decided to call William to set up an appointment and looking back on it now, it was the best decision I have ever made!  Working with William has helped me to see, experience, and understand myself in a whole new way.  He has helped me to identify and change nearly all the negative patterns in my behavior, some of which were so severe that they were the root cause of my severe illness. While working with William I have seen that he is very thorough, experienced and skilled, with a vast knowledge and expertise, and his way of relating reflects the openess he encourages in others.  I feel much happier, more comfortable in my own skin, and now, for the first time ever, feel like I am starting to live in an authentic and satisfying way. I highly recommend working with William to anyone who is looking to heal themselves or change themselves for the better."


Chris Juozaitis BSc (Pharm.) C.G.P. - August, 2011.

Howe Sound Pharmacy, Gibsons BC Canada.


"I have been a pharmacist for thirty years and have been closely linked with patients suffering from mental health issues. Having worked with William I can say that I have not encountered a more highly trained and compassionate professional in his field. I have recommended many patients to him over the years and the feedback is always positive in terms of the level of professionalism and the results that working with him have produced. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of in-depth therapy." 


A.Y. - June, 2013.
Member of the Certified General Accountants Association.


"I think that the key to therapeutic success in treating someone with borderline personality disorder is compassionate concern, empathetic understanding of the depth of early childhood pain, and the non-reactivity of a saint. Thank you for doing all the above during the past ten months, especially that of being a patient saint."


Geri Campbell CEAP - May,1998.

Manager,  BCTEL Employee Assistance Program, Vancouver, BC Canada.


"During the years 1991-1995 William Chamberlain was included on our EAP's list of psychotherapists. Based on suitability, employees who required individual and/or couples psychotherapy were frequently directed to him. During this time the comments from attendees consistently reflected that William presents in a natural, forthright and gentle manner which enables clients to relax, to feel safe in session, and to focus on primary issues. He is very knowledgeable and through flexible approaches to problems is successful in achieving consistently favorable outcomes with clients. This feedback reinforces the EAP's awareness and confidence in William's skills, techniques and effectiveness as a practitioner. We encourage his continued contribution as a benefit to our EAP program and to the community at large."


Brian Duffield - January, 1996.

Dean, Faculty of Cultural and Educational Studies

Leeds Met. University, England.


"I have known Mr. William Chamberlain in a personal and professional capacity for eight years. During this time I have found him to be honest, hard working, trustworthy, and of high integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending him as such for any venture he may desire."

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